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Mathematical modeling

Point cloud - mathematical modeling - CAD-file
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The concept:
From a point cloud a mathematical description of a scanned object is generated. This mathematical model can then be adjusted and optimized by the user before being translated into a traditional output file format.

This functionality is available as a software
module for integration into your software.
The breakthrough:
The innovative element of this technology is the purely mathematical (formula) description of the scanned object.
It is at the level of this mathematical model, representing an intermediary step between the initial point cloud and the final CAD model, that any refinements and enhancements are carried out by the user.
Because the CAD model is exclusively based on the mathematical model, the resolution of the CAD model can be selected freely by the user.
The ability of the software to handle huge amounts of data makes it realistic to exploit repeated scans to reduce both the effective sampling interval and the sampling noise.

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